Booking FAQs

Who can live at Greengarden House?

Anyone can live at Greengarden House. We offer tenancies of 12 months and over.

How do I rent at Greengarden House?

Please send us an enquiry here or give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7935 9191 to talk through your requirements.

Can I choose my apartment type?

Of course, we have a range of one and two bedroom apartments, subject to availability.

What is the tenancy length?

Greengarden House tenancies are for 12 months or longer. However should your requirements differ from this, please contact us. Simply state when you would like your tenancy to start on the enquiry form and the length of tenancy you would like, from the dropdown menu, and we will get back in touch to match you with available apartments.

Is there a holding deposit?

Yes. Once you have selected your home at Greengarden House, like all Assured Shorthold Tenancies you will be asked to pay a holding deposit. This will then be deducted from the balance of the total amount payable prior to moving in. The holding deposit is five weeks rent.

If you decide to cancel your booking you will forfeit your holding deposit. Greengarden House protects your deposit through the ‘Tenancy Deposit Scheme’, a government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme.

How do I deal with utilities?

We have sorted this for you! Your electricity, gas, water and broadband are all arranged through our on site management team. This is charged to tenants at extremely competitive market rates. Gas, electricity, water and broadband will be £50 per week for our one bedroom apartments and £65 per week for all two bed apartments.

What is a tenancy agreement?

This is the legal contract between landlord and tenant. The agreement will include the terms and conditions of a tenancy such as the duration of the agreement and the rental amount payable by the tenant. Once you have signed the agreement you will not be permitted to make any changes, however, we will work together to ensure you are happy with all the terms prior to signing.

Do I need a guarantor? Who can be my guarantor?

Not necessarily, but all tenants will need to undergo a credit check. This is required by law and is general practice for all UK landlords.

Following this check, you may be required to provide a guarantor.

A guarantor needs to be someone in full-time employment based in the UK.

I don’t live in the UK and don’t have a UK bank account – what should I do?

You can transfer the amount of money owed to our account, please contact the team for details.

How many tenants can be in each apartment?

A one bedroom apartment can accommodate a maximum of two people and a two bedroom apartment a maximum of four people.

Property FAQs

What furniture is in my apartment?

All of the apartments are furnished to a high standard with high quality furnishings. An inventory will be taken once you move into your apartment.

Is there air-conditioning?

All bedrooms are air conditioned at Greengarden House and this is included in your utility costs. However, consumption is monitored and Greengarden House retains the right to charge for excessive consumption.

Can I smoke in my apartment?

No. Smoking and vaping are not permitted anywhere within the residency. Residents wishing to smoke/vape should do so outside of the building and should not smoke close to the building entrances.

Is there parking available?

There aren’t dedicated parking spaces at Greengarden House however through paying council tax, you are eligible to apply for a parking permit from Westminster City Council.

Will I have a TV in my apartment?

Yes, TVs are supplied in the sitting room.

Normal TV Licensing Authority regulations apply. For more information on TV licensing visit: www.tvlicensing.co.uk

Please note that the landlord is not held responsible for ensuring you have a TV licence. All live streaming devices will need to be covered by a TV license.

What are the guest policies?

Greengarden House will be your home so you are allowed to have guests stay occasionally, in line with your Tenancy Agreement, but we would ask you to respect your neighbours at all times.

Is contents insurance included?

No, you will need to provide your own contents insurance.

Greengarden House cannot be held responsible for insufficient cover or items not covered on this list.

Will my apartment be cleaned?

It is your responsibility to clean your own apartment.

There will be a housekeeping team on-site who will provide cleaning for the building’s communal parts such as halls and entranceways. Contact the Management Office if you wish to discuss a weekly cleaning service, which is subject to availability.

What if something in my apartment breaks?

We have a maintenance team in place to maintain the building to the highest of standards. Should you have a problem with anything in your apartment, you should contact +44 (0) 20 7935 9191 or email details of your issue to info@greengardenhouse.com. At no time should you instruct your own contractor.

Are the apartments secure?

We understand that security is a priority. Greengarden House is a safe and secure environment with a video and audio entry system.

Moving in FAQs

How do I check in?

We will send you details of your check in prior to your arrival. We require proof of identification (e.g. passport or driving licence) and visa (if applicable), then we can give you your keys and the grand tour!

Can I move in early?

You will only be able to move in on the date stated on your Tenancy Agreement.

Facilities FAQs

Where is my post delivered?

Post is delivered to the main entrance doors at St Christopher’s Place. Monday to Friday, our onsite team will then post it through your apartment front door.

How do I safely dispose of rubbish?

Please refer to your welcome pack in the apartment.

Any other questions

Just contact us at info@greengardenhouse.com or +44 (0) 20 7935 9191 and we’d be happy to help.


To reserve your apartment at Greengarden House simply click the link below and pop in your requirements. If you would like to learn more about living at Greengarden House or have a question, email us on the address in the footer or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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